Welcome to Clan Wallace of Canada!


The Clan Wallace of Canada includes all that are Wallace (including all the various spellings and pronunciations...See...), or of other Scot heritage, or have an interest in Scot history and lore, and reside in Canada. 

This site will keep you up to date of all Scot Games, Festivals and the like, in Canada, and Texas, USA. Why Texas, USA? Because I have a homestead in east Texas, back in the wooded hills that I escape to every winter ;) 

Clan Wallace Society - Worldwide (CWSW). being the only legal entity that represents the Wallace, I joined CWSW as Council. I like what the CWSW does which includes restoring Wallace monuments and grounds, and bringing Wallace's worldwide together every couple of years. That is just my family's interest. Joining the CWSW may not be your thing. 

In addition to this website, join the Clan Wallace of Canada Forum to get the latest breaking news on everything Scot or just to communicate amongst members of the forum. As with everything else on this site, there is no cost for joining the forum. Just follow the bottom right, to register on the forum. The image link opens into a new window.